NC Science Olympiad
Codebusters 2017
Division: C - High School
Essential Standard Alignment:  
Event Rules: 2017 rules *This is a Wisconsin SO event that we have borrowed. These are the 2017 rules for NC, regardless of what the top of the page says.
National Event Page: Not a national event
Required Materials: Something to write with
Under 4. Scoring: The bonus was reworded as:
    The time to decode the first question (in seconds) will be recorded. The timing bonus is equal to 3 x (600 - number of seconds to decode the first question).  If the team takes more than 10 minutes (600 seconds), then no bonus will be awarded. (e.g. if exactly 5 minutes are spent, the bonus is 900 points).  The maximum theoretical bonus is 1799 points.
   Under 5. Tie Breaker:  The following tie breaker sentence was added.
If there still is a tie, the scores on the highest point problems will be used in order with the team having the least letter difference from the solutions ranked higher.
Description: Teams will decode messages. This is a cryptology event.

Materials: Teams must bring something to write with and a non-graphing, non-programmable 4-function calculators (or 5-function calculators), but not a scientific calculator as stated in the rules (updated 1/31/17) .

Event Resources:
CIA - break the code
The Imitation Game

Practice Test #7
Answer Key

All Spanish Cryptogram Practice Test
Answer Key

Practice Test #5
Answer Key (it says test 4, but it's not)

practice test
Answer Key

Practice Test for the 2017 Tournament season.
Answer Key for the practice test. (updated 1/19/17 to fix a wrong answer and add point values)

Practice Test 2 for the 2017 Tournament season.
Answer Key for practice test 2.

The State event leader has set up a Twitter Handle to send out tips and tricks:

Trial event from the State tournament 2016

Make your own codes:

Hill Cipher
   Encode/Decode Tool: 
Affine Cipher
   Encode/Decode Tool:
Vigenere Cipher
   Encode/Decode Tool: 
Dancing Man Cipher
   Encode/Decode Tool: 

Photo and Video:

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