NC Science Olympiad
Data Crunchers 2017
Division: A - Elementary
NC Essential Standards Alignment Science as Inquiry, Measurement and Data unifying concept from Common Core
Event Rules: Data Crunchers


Description: This is a station event. Teams will be given a series of tasks to perform involving measurement or estimation of measurement, such as finding the volume of water in a graduated cylinder, massing an object with a variety of scale types (triple beam, pan balance, spring, etc), measuring the length of an object, finding the diameter of a wheel using a caliper, interpreting or drawing simple graphs, etc. This list is not all inclusive, the tasks may be completely different. In addition basic calculations may also be performed, such as determining area or volume.

Materials: Teams MUST bring nothing.

Event leaders will provide the question and response sheet, and all materials including paper and pencil necessary to complete the event.

Scoring: High score wins. Predetermined questions/stations will be used to break ties.

Coaches Institute Resources:

2012 Coaches Institute Presentation (2013 rules for similar event, Measurement Mania)
Sample Event (Station Test from Measurement Mania 2010)

Event Resources:
Example Stations from 2014 Institute
LEARN NC - Graphing and Measurement Lesson for Grades 2 and 3                          
I Teach Bio - List of skill-building activities for metric measurement, graphing, data, and more
Math Goodies - Bar graph practice
The Science Spot - Lesson plans on length, volume, density, etc.
Estimation practice game
Think Metric
How to use a micrometer
2016 Data Crunchers test and answer key

Pictures and Video:



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