NC Science Olympiad
Describe It, Build It 2017
Division: A - Elementary
NC Essential Standards Alignment: Science as Inquiry, Writing Standards from ELA Common Core
Event Rules: Describe It, Build It

Description: This is a 2 part event. In the first part, one team member will view a constructed object (k'nex, legos, tinker toys, pipe cleaners, styrofoam bowls, magnets, beads, etc) and write a description of how to build it without using any pictures, diagrams, or symbols. The written description will then be given to their teammate who has not seen the object. Given a corresponding set of materials, the team member will then attempt to rebuild the object from the written description.

Team members MUST bring a writing instrument.

Event Leaders will provide paper to write on, the object, and corresponding sets of materials.

High Score wins. Points are earned for correct connections, placement, color, etc. Ties will be broken by shortest construction phase.

Event Resources:
Fun English Games - Games to practice writing instructions
Print and Use lined paper
Games for learning how to communicate clearly
See the event help page for the Middle and High School version of this event
Can you talk your partner through the maze?

Photo and Video:

Video: The describers- observing the model and working on their descriptions
The builders- reading their partner's descriptions and trying to recreate the model


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