NC Science Olympiad
Newtons Notions 2017
Division: A - Elementary
NC Essential Standards Alignment: 1.P.1, 3.P.1,4.P.1, 5.P.1
Event Rules: Newtons Notions

Description: Teams will be assessed on their knowledge of forces and motion.

Materials: Teams MUST bring a writing instrument. Event leaders will provide all materials necessary to complete the stations.

Event Resources:
Coaches Institute Presentation (2017 rules)
Coaches Institute Presentation (2016 rules)
Coaches Institute Handout (2012 rules)
Sample Event (2011 Rules)
FOSSweb - Levers and Pulleys
The Teachers Guide - Physical Science
2006 Hammond Coaches Clinic Handout/Worksheet on Simple Machines (.pdf)
2006 Hammond Coaches Clinic Presentation on Simple Machines (.ppt)
A well done powerpoint on Simple Machines

Video: Competitors use a variety of simple machines to answer questions about force and motion. Competitors may see stations similar to this in a variety of Olympiad events, such as Physics Lab, Simple Machines, Newton's Notions, or measuring events.
Get Inspired! Check out this Honda commercial, called "The Cog" that uses parts from a Honda with basic physics to create a Rube Goldberg device. There was no camera trickery or editing involved, it took over 600 takes to film. It's fantastic!
Practicing simple physics, measuring time and distance to determine velocity, and repeating with slight variations.


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