NC Science Olympiad
Ocean Motion 2017
Division: A - Elementary
NC Essential Standards Alignment: 3.E.1, 3.E.2, 5.E.1
Event Rules: Ocean Motion
Description: This event is usually run as stations. It can also be done as a sit down test. This event will test a team’s knowledge of the currents, waves, and tides in Earth’s Oceans.

Materials: Teams must bring writing instruments. No other resources are allowed.

Event Leaders: Event leaders will provide a hands-on event with all necessary items, objects, materials, questions, and response sheets for participants to complete stations. Examples include but are not limited to: reference charts, posters, and models for event.

Event Resources:

2016 Coaches Clinic Presentation (2017 rules)

Here are some resources from an old oceanography event the Middle/High divisions have run


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