NC Science Olympiad
Weather Permitting 2017
Division: A - Elementary
NC Essential Standards Alignment: 2.E.1, 5.E.1
Event Rules: Weather Permitting Rules

Description: This is a station event. Participants will rotate through a series of stations and be asked basic questions on the weather topics outlined in this year's rules. There will be a focus on Climate this year.

Materials: Teams MUST bring writing instruments. No other resources are allowed. Event leaders will bring all other materials.

Coaches Institute Resources:
2016 Coaches Institute Presentation (2017 Rules)
2012 Sample Event
2012 Coaches Institute Presentation (2013 Rules)
2010 Coaches Institute Presentation (2011 Rules)
Sample Stations

See the event help page for the Middle and High School version of this event


Event Resources:
Fizz Keeper Activities from the clinic (you can buy these on amazon or in many stores)
NC State University - Climate Education for K-12
NOAA - Climate Education
NOAA - National Hurricane Center click on the Education and Outreach sections on the left side bar
The Weather Channel
Weather WizKids
NASA - Meteorology Educator's Guide - Are you looking for a kid-friendly website about Earth's climate? Check out NASA's Climate Kids website for interactive games, crafty activities, engaging videos, informative articles and more! 
NOAA - Climate
NOAA - Ten Climate Science Activities
Earth Climate Course
Earth Climate System - good notes
Good Climate Activity with answers
The Teacher's Guide - Weather
Internet4Classrooms- Weather Links
American Meteorological Society - lots of good info and links
NASA Precipitation Education page, lots of good activities, scroll towards the bottom for a water cycle dice game

Photo and Video:


Bill Nye "Water Cycle Jump"

Bill Nye "Weather the Weather"

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