NC Science Olympiad
What's the Matter? 2015
Division: A - Elementary
NC Essential Standards Alignment: 2.P.2, 3.P.2, 4.P.2, 5.P.2, 6.P.2
Event Rules: What's the Matter?

Description: This event will run as stations. Teams will rotate through stations, perform tasks and answer questions about the physical properties of matter and the behavior of solids, liquids, and gases before and after they undergo changes or interactions. See the rules for a more complete listing of topics.

Materials: Team members MUST bring a writing instruments and safety goggles. Teams may not bring resources to this event.

Event Leaders: Will provide a hands-on event with all necessary items, objects, materials, questions, and response sheets for participants to complete stations.

High Score wins. Points will be awarded for the accuracy of responses. Ties will be broken by accuracy or quality of responses to questions selected by the event leader.

Event Resources: Properties of Matter Resources
Science Games for Kids - Properties of Materials
PhET Interactive Simulation - States of Matter
PhET Interactive Simulation - Concentration
PhET Interactive Simulation - Dissolving
PhET Interactive Simulation - Behavior of Atoms in Different States of Matter

Coaches Institute Resources:
Apple of My Eye
What Is Matter? Worksheet
States of Matter Notes
Physical and Chemical Changes Activity
Physical and Chemical Changes Notes
Chemical Changes Demos
Density Bottle
The Science Notebook - Exploring Measurement - Volume
Volume of Rectangular Prisms Practice Sheet



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