NC Science Olympiad
2017 Astronomy
Division: C - High School
Essential Standard: EEn.1.1
Official Event Rules: See National Rulebook
National Event Page: Astronomy
Required Materials: Something to write with

NC ONLY: Laptops will not be allowed in this event at the regional or state level. (9/9/16)

This event is usually done as stations that teams rotate through.  It can also be done as an individual test taking event, where each station has been copied into a test booklet for the team. It may also be done as a powerpoint or inside a planetarium, but these are far less common.  Teams may be viewing any combination of models, pictures, diagrams/charts, or recorded/written descriptions. They will then be asked to answer questions (multiple choice, fill in the blank, short answer, etc), label diagrams, make graphs, etc. related to the information. The topic for the 2017 tournament year is stellar evolution and Type Ia supernova.

Materials: Teams MUST bring a writing instrument. Teams may also bring two 3-ring binders with information attached to all 3 rings, and 2 programmable calculators.

Event Leaders will provide all diagrams/models/images/materials required to set up each station, and the official test.

Scoring: High score wins. Questions are worth a pre-assigned number of points. Predetermined questions will be used to break ties.

Common Mistakes:
- The materials allowed are clearly defined. Pay attention to the quantities of each item that may be brought in.
- The rules clearly state that any materials in the binder must be 3-hole punched and attached to the rings. This means all 3 holes need to be attached to all 3 rings, or the binder may be disallowed.

- If an information source is too small to fit on all 3 rings of the binder, copy and enlarge it.

-Contact Community Colleges and Universities near you to see what special events they are hosting. Many have planetariums or host stargazing nights, or will take you on a tour of their facility.

Event Resources:
2014 Institute Presentation (2015 rules) Stellar evolution and star and planet formation
2013 Institute Presentation (2014 rules) Stellar evolution and variable stars
2010 Coaches Institute Handout (2011 rules)
2009 Coaches Institute Presentation (2010 rules) Galaxies
SAS Curriculum Pathways- Properties of Stars
Hubble Site
HR Diagram

Parallax Stars

Exploratorium- Astronomy and Space
Solar System scale calculator- Enter the size of the sun and see how big the planets would be

Sample Events:
2014 State Test - Stellar evolution and variable stars
2013 State Test and Key - Stellar evolution and type II supernovas
2008 Example Event - variable stars
Wright Center for Science Education Sample Exams
2010 Regional Test - Galaxies
2010 More Sample Questions - Galaxies

Pictures and Video:

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