NC Science Olympiad
2014 Disease Detectives
Division: B - Middle School
C - High School
Essential Standard: 7.E.1.6, 7.L.1, 8.E.1.4, 8.L.1, High School Biology
Official Rules: See national manual
National Event Page: Disease Detectives
This event is typically done as a sit-down test.  It is also possible to be done in stations, though this is not likely.  Teams will be presented with articles, reports, data, charts/graphs, pictures or diagrams and/or written descriptions of public health problems. Teams will then be asked to answer questions, define or compare terms, and otherwise interpret the information they are given. Teams may also be asked to draw conclusions and propose preventive measures.

The topic for 2014 is Environmental Quality.

Teams MUST bring a writing instrument. Teams may also bring up to 2 non-programmable calculators. Each team may also bring one 8.5 x 11" two sided sheet of paper with notes.

Event Leaders will provide all reference materials, the official test and answer sheet.

High score wins. Points are given based on a scoring rubric that takes into account the difficulty level of questions, accuracy and quality of answers, and use of proper scientific methods.

- Look at the sample tests that are given below. They are an excellent example of what to expect.
- The CDC website has a plethora of excellent information.

Event Resources:
2010 Coaches Institute Presentation (2011 rules)
CDC Site on this event
Detectives in the Classroom
National Institute of Health

Sample Events:
2010 Regional Test
2010 State Test
2008 Regional Test
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Wright Center for Science Education Sample Events

Pictures and Video:



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