NC Science Olympiad
2017 Dynamic Planet
Division: B - Middle School
C - High School
Essential Standard Alignment: 8.E.1, EEn.2.3, EEn.2.7
Official Rules: See the National Rules Manual
National Event Page: Dynamic Planet
Required Materials: Something to write with

This event is typically run as either a station event or a sit down test. Teams will be presented with data, charts/graphs, pictures or diagrams and/or written descriptions. Teams will then be asked to answer questions, perform calculations, and otherwise solve the tasks they are given. Teams may also be asked to draw conclusions and predict likely future occurrences based on historic information. The topic for the 2017 tournament is large-scale processes affecting the structure of the Earth's crust.

Teams MUST bring a writing instrument. Teams may also bring four 8.5"x11" two-sided page of notes in any form and 2 non-graphing calculators.

Event Leaders will provide all data/materials the test requires, and the official test.

High score wins. Points are awarded for quality and accuracy of answers. Predetermined questions will be used as tiebreakers.


  • - Prepare an entire notebook for this event as you study. The question topics are clearly defined in the rules, make sure you cover all topics. When preparing the notes pages to take into the event, start by including the information that is hard to remember or confusing from your study notebook, then fill in whatever space is left with additional information.

Event Resources for Plate Tectonics:
2016 Coaches Clinic Presentation (2017 Rules)
Viscosity Lab
Dynamic Plates App for iPad
Dynamic Plates App for Android
Earthquake Map & Alert for Android
Tremor Tracker for iPad
A model of Three Faults
Investigating Plate Tectonics with Google Earth
Discovering Plate Boundaries
Pinterest Board with great Earth Science ideas from the National Event Supervisor

Sample Events:
2013 State Test (Glaciers)
2012 Regional Test (Earth's Fresh Waters)
2010 Regional Test (Earthquakes and Volcanoes)
2009 Regional Test (Earthquakes and Volcanoes)
2009 Regional Test Answer Key (Earthquakes and Volcanoes)
2008 Regional Test - Oceanography
2007 High School Test - Oceanography
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Resources for topics NOT in this year's rules:
Glaciers and Icecaps- USGS
Water Science - USGS
Make a Glacier activity
Photo Glossary of Glacier Terms
UMass Glacier Lecture Series
Glaciers & Glacial Landforms Learning Module - lots of good activities to work through on this one

2015 Coaches Institute Presentation (2016 Oceanography rules)
2014 Coaches Institute Handout (2015 rules)
2007 Coaches Institute quiz and answers
Oceanography Online

Introduction to Physical Oceanography - free online book
NASA Oceanography - great resource
The Bridge - An ocean of teacher approved marine education resources - NOAA Sea Grant
Project Oceanography - University of South Florida - A collection of activities
Oceanography: An invitation to Marine Science - Tom Garrison, Book, used versions on amazon for less than $10

Pictures and Video:

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