NC Science Olympiad
2017 Electric Vehicle
Division: C - High School
NC Standard Course of Study Alignment: Science Application and Technology
Event Score Sheet:

Electric Vehicle Scoresheet 2017

National Event Page: Electric Vehicle
Track Layout: 2017 Electric Vechicle Track Layout
Clarifications: (NC Only) In NC, participants will be required to wear Z87+ impact glasses while in the testing area. (9/9/16).

This is a building event. Prior to the competition teams will build a vehicle powered only by electricity that is capable of traveling down a straight track whose distance will not be announced until after all vehicles have been impounded. The vehicle must be designed to be adjusted so that it will stop as close to the finish line as possible. Minimum and maximum dimensions and voltage requirements are outlined clearly in the official rules. Teams will have 10 minutes to attempt up to 2 runs. THIS IS AN IMPOUND EVENT.

Teams must bring their vehicle and any tools required to calibrate it.

Event Leaders will provide the track, track distance (to be announced after impound), the official scoresheet, and tape measures/stopwatches etc. required to test the vehicles.


Low score wins, using the score from whichever run gives the team the best rank.

Run Score = Run Time + Distance Score - Bonus + Penalties. Negative scores are allowed.

Common Mistakes:

  • Be careful not to exceed the maximum allowed voltage.


Event Resources:
2007 State Tournament Wheeled Vehicle Results

Photo and Video:



This is the 2017 track video explanation.





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