NC Science Olympiad
2017 Food Science
Division: B - Middle School
Essential Standards Alignment:  
Official Event Rules: See national rule book
National Event Page: Food Science

NC only: Event leaders will provide 9-volt conductivity testers if the lab needs one. Students are welcome to bring their own if they choose. (9/9/16) There will be NO impound on Food Science this year. (12/8/16)

This is a lab event. It is usually done as stations. At the tournament, teams will answer questions and perform tests relating to chemical and physical properties of ingredients and processes used in making several different products. The 2017 Food Science Topic is Food Grains.

Teams MUST bring a writing instrument and a non-electric student-made calorimeter. Participants MUST bring and wear vinyl or latex gloves, aprons or lab coats that cover the knee, pants or skirts that cover the legs to the ankles, closed-toed shoes and indirect vent safety goggles. Teams may also bring 2 non-camera calculators, and 5 double-sided pages of notes containing information in any form from any source.

Event Leaders will provide scales, reagents, waste containers, samples, and methods for tests, the official test and answer sheet.

High score wins. Points are awarded for accuracy and completeness of answers.

Common Mistakes:

  • Teams that show up for the event without the proper safety apparel WILL NOT be allowed to compete. They may still receive a score for the impounded portion of the event, but cannot participate in the lab exercise. Safety concerns will not be arbitrated.
  • Teams that do not bring the additional lab equipment listed in 2.a. will be at a disadvantage, the event leader will not provide this equipment, except for the 9V conductivity tester.

For help with the following, see these websites.

How to build a calorimeter
Testing for lipids, proteins, and carbohydrates

How to calculate food calories from your calorimeter

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-Conversion of weights and measures:

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