NC Science Olympiad
2017 Materials Science
Division: C - High School
NC Standard Course of Study Alignment:: Chemistry, all goals
Official Event Rules: See the national rulebook
National Event Page: Materials Science
Description: Students will test their skills in assessing the characteristics of chemistry based materials science. Topics will include General properties and characteristics of materials classes, material characterization techniques, and intermolecular forces and surface chemistry.

Materials: Teams MUST bring proper safety attire and a writing instrument. Teams may also bring one NON-programmable calculator, and 5 sheets of paper (both sides) with information of any kind from any source. Sheet protectors are allowed.

***SAFETY ISSUE*** Team members MUST wear OSHA approved chemical splash goggles with indirect vents, closed toed shoes, pants/skirts that cover legs to the ankle, AND a chemical apron with a long sleeved shirt or lab coat that reaches below the knee or they will not be allowed to participate. In addition, any teams seen handling materials in an unsafe manner will be disqualified from the event. ***SAFETY ISSUE***

Event supervisors will provide a proper lab environment and any materials and additional equipment and constants needed for the event, the official test and response sheet.

Scoring: High score wins. Points are awarded for accuracy and proper technique.

Common Mistakes:

  • Be sure to wear the appropriate safety attire!!! Disqualification as a result of a safety issue will NOT be arbitrated.

Event Resources:
2016 Coaches Institute Presentation (2017 Rules)
2013 Coaches Institute Presentation (2014 rules)
2013 State Test
2012 Institute Presentation (2013 Rules)
Powerpoint on Mechanical Properties from the 2012 Institute
Sample Test (2011 Rules- courtesy of Wisconsin)
University of Wisconsin Materials Science Site- the creators of the event.
Unit Cells
Miller Indices
X-ray Diffraction- from the Center for High Pressure Research
X-ray Diffraction - from the Materials Research Laboratory at UCSB
2014 National Olympiad Exam
2013 National Olympiad Exam

Pictures and Video:

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