NC Science Olympiad
2017 Meteorology
Division: B - Middle School
Essential Standard Alignment: 7.E.1
Official Event Rules: See national manual
National Event Page: Meteorology
Required Materials: Something to write with
Description: This event is usually done as stations that teams rotate through, or it can be done as a sit-down test taking event, or a combination of the two types.  Teams may be viewing any combination of models, pictures, diagrams/charts, or recorded/written descriptions. They will then be asked to answer questions (multiple choice, fill in the blank, short answer, etc)  related to the materials.  The topic for the 2017 tournament year is Severe Storms.

Materials: Teams MUST bring a writing instrument. They may also bring four 8.5 x 11" two-sided page of notes in any form and 2 non-programmable calculators.

Event Leaders will provide all materials needed to take the test, the official test and answer sheet.

Scoring: High score wins. Points are awarded for the quality and accuracy of responses.

Event Resources:
2016 Presentation (2017 Rules)
Fizz Keeper Activities from the clinic (you can buy these on amazon or in many stores)
2012 Presentation (2013 rules)
2012 Coaches Institute (2013 rules)
2008 Coaches Institute Presentation
NOAA - Climate
NOAA - Ten Climate Science Activities
Earth Climate Course
Earth Climate System - good notes
Severe Storms:
Extreme Weather Gallery - The Natural Science Center in Greensboro has a new Extreme Weather Gallery. This interactive, educational exhibit showcases extreme weather like tsunamis, blizzards, tornadoes, monsoons and drought and is not to be missed!
Weather Wiz Kids - Tornados, Hurricanes, Rain and Floods, Safety, and many activities.
Hurricane Sandy - a summary
Joplin Tornado - a meteorological summary- radar, reports, survey, maps, and pictures
Arizona Haboob of 2012
NOAA Weather Safety
Severe Storms Study Guide
NASA - Meteorology Educator's Guide
Isotherms Practice
Isobars Practice

American Meteorological Society - lots of good info and links

Sample Events:
2014 Regional Test (Severe Storms)
2013 State Test (Everyday Weather)
2012 Sample Event from Institute (2013 rules)
Example Event (2008 Rules)
Wright Center for Science Education Sample Events

Pictures and Video:

Video How lightning is formed, courtesy the Discovery Channel
How derechos form
Anatomy of a Hurricane
About Atmospheric Rivers


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