NC Science Olympiad
2014 Metric Mastery
Division: B - Middle School
NC Essential Standard Alignment:  
Official Event Rules: See National Rulebook
National Event Page: Metric Mastery

NC Only: The format of the event may be a regular station rotation, with estimation, measurement, and conversion mixed together. There will not necessarily be 3 separate portions of the event. (10/8/13)

NC Only: Rule 2.c. Teams must bring nothing to the event. If a calculator is needed, it will be provided by the event leader at that station. (10/8/13)

NC Only: Rule 4.d.iii. Teams must not intentionally un-zero a balance. If zeroing is required before use, teams are allowed to do this.(10/8/13)

Description: This is a station event. Teams will be given a series of tasks to perform involving measurement or estimation of measurement, such as finding the volume of water in a graduated cylinder, massing an object with a variety of scale types (triple beam, pan balance, spring, etc), measuring the length of an object, finding the diameter of a wheel using a caliper, etc. This list is not all inclusive, the tasks may be completely different. In addition some calculations may also be performed.

Materials: Teams must bring NOTHING.

Event leaders will provide all materials, including station items, the test, writing instruments, etc.

Scoring: High score wins. Points will be awarded according to the accuracy of the estimates or measurements. Ties will be broken using pre-selected tiebreaker stations.


  • Event leaders MAY ask competitors to remove watches if timing is part of one of the estimation stations. Competitors should be prepared for this.

Common Mistakes:

  • Don't forget to use proper units!!

Event Resources:
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