NC Science Olympiad
2017 Mission Possible B
Division: B - Middle School
Essential Standard Alignment:  
Official Event Rules: See National Rules Manual
Event Scoresheet: 2017 Mission Possible Score Sheet updated 11-29-16
National Event Page: Mission Possible B
Clarifications: There is NO impound on Mission Possible at the Regionals. (12/8/16)

Event Description: This is a building event. Prior to the competition teams will design and build a Rube Goldberg type device that starts in a specified way (2017 = pulling a plunger like a pinball machine) and ends in a specified way (2017 = lifting a flag like on a mailbox). Additional points are earned for intervening steps as outlined in the rules.

Materials: Teams MUST bring their device, Task Sequence List (TSL), any tools/materials necessary to set up the device, and safety glasses.

Event leaders will provide all measuring apparatus (stopwatches, rulers, etc) and the official scoresheet.

Scoring: High score wins. Points are earned for completing tasks as outlined in the rules.

Common Mistakes:
-In tasks with measured distances, the object must travel that distance first, and THEN trigger the next action or it will not receive points.
- Watch out for escapements! This is a penalty easy to avoid simply by putting side shields around your device (these are included in the device dimensions) or around particular areas that have a tendency to have parts escape, such as where the granular material falls on the paddlewheel.
-Pay attention to your device dimensions. This is a measurement to the outermost part of your device on all sides, and includes the base, walls and lids for transportation if you choose not to remove them, and any wires, sticks, or anything else that may be sticking out. Always make your device slightly under the maximum dimensions, just in case! Every year there are 2 or 3 devices at each tournament that get placed in the 2nd tier for being over size.

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2012 Coaches Institute Presentation (2013 Rules)
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Coaches Tips
NEW 1/11/17 - here are some common mistakes and clarifications to help you get the most points possible!

Photo and Video:

Photo: coming soon
Video: Want to get inspired? Check out this Honda Commercial, called "The Cog" that uses parts from a Honda to create a Rube Goldberg device. There was no camera trickery or editing involved, it took over 600 takes to film. It's fantastic!
How to make an electromagnet

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