NC Science Olympiad
2014 Road Scholar
Division: B - Middle School
NC Standard Course of Study Alignment: Grade 8 Goal 5
National Event Page: Road Scholar
This event is run as a sit-down test. Participants will use map reading skills (road maps, topographic, and satellite images) to go on a fictitious journey that is written out for them, and answer questions along the way.

Teams MUST bring a writing instrument, one protractor, and one ruler. Each team may also bring one USGS Map Symbol Sheet, one calculator, and any notes, reference materials, and other measuring devices. Laptops are NOT permitted.

Event Leaders will provide all maps, the test, and response sheets.

High Score wins. Points are given for each correct answer, some questions may be worth more than others. Predetermined questions will be used to break ties.

Event Resources:
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2011 Coaches Institute Presentation (2012 rules)
2010 Coaches Institute Presentation (2011 rules)
2010 Coaches Institute Supplemental Information (2011 rules)
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Topographic Map Symbols
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Introduction to Topographic Maps
Sample Events:
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Photo and Video:

Video: Students compete in the Road Scholar event


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