NC Science Olympiad
2017 Wind Power

B- Middle School
C- High School

NC Essential Standards Alignment: 7.P.2, Science as Inquiry
Official Rules: See the national manual for official rules
National Event Page: Wind Power
Required Materials: Something to write with, high impact (Z87+) glasses or goggles, fan blade assembly in a labeled box, any tools needed to calibrate fan blade assembly


Description: This event is part questions, possibly in station format, and part demonstrating a pre-built fan-blade assembly to obtain maximum voltage output at both high and low fan speeds. Teams will answer questions and perform basic activities demonstrating their knowledge of five areas involving alternative energy, power storage, and fan blade design. Teams will also design and build ahead of time a blade assembly that will be used to capture wind power.

Materials: Teams must bring something to write with and their blade assmebly in a labeled box. Teams may also bring a 3-ring binder of any size with notes from any source as long as the pages are secured in the binder. They may have any other simple tools and non-programmbale calculators that they wish. BLADES MUST BE IMPOUNDED. Check your tournament schedule for the exact time and location.

Recommendations: Start with a basic blade design that works. Then identify and begin to eliminate sources of error. Test at both high and low wind speeds. You can orient your blade assembly any way that you want in front of the fan as long as you are at least 5cm from the front.

Remember - DVD motors were not designed to turn heavy objects. If your device weighs more than 100 grams, it will likely not turn at all - you are going for light and effiicient.

You can order one of the testing stands for this event by contacting Fran Nolan at: They are $48, which includes S/H.

High Score wins, combining the Power score and the test score.

Event Resources:
KidWind resources

Picture and Video: coming soon

Photos: This is the testing rig we will be using in NC for all competitions. All PVC with stable base. Soldered and insulated extension wires extended to a breadboard with a 5 Ohm resistor wired in place. DVD motor/generator mounted on a bracket that can be incrementally adjusted from 4 to 24 inches in height.





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