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Invitational Tournaments in NC
What are Invitational Tournaments?

Science Olympiad Invitational Tournaments allow Science Olympiad teams to participate in "practice" tournaments that do not impact regional or state advancement or rankings. Participation in Science Olympiad Invitational Tournaments is optional and in most cases requires a separate event fee collected by the Invitational Director. Registration for Invitational Tournaments is also handled directly by the Invitational tournament director. All school teams participating in a Science Olympiad Invitational tournament in any location must first be a registered member of the state Science Olympiad program.

Official Invitational tournaments in NC are approved by the State office, but not run by the State office. Invitational tournaments are sponsored and run by the host site. They agree to follow the national and/or NC Only event rules. Each Invitational Director MUST sign and return a Tournament Directors form each year in order to hold an officially sanctioned Science Olympiad event. Request the password for this online form from the State Office, as we must know about and approve your tournament. Once an invitational tournament is approved, it will be listed here for interested teams to consider.

If you are interested in hosting your own Division B and/or C Invitational Tournament in NC, please contact Kim Gervase at the State office,

NC Invitational Tournaments for 2016 - 2017

The O'Neal School Invitational
Date: December 10, 2016
Restrictions: B Division only, maximum 25 teams.
Events: All B Division NC events are being offered.
Invitiational Director: Boyd Grayson,
Cost: $150 per team.
To Register: fill out the registration form HERE

Central Piedmont Community College (CPCC) Central Campus Invitational
Date: January 7, 2017
Restrictions: B Division only, maximum 25 teams.
Events: All B Division NC events are being offered.
Invitiational Director: Carol Davis,
Cost: $50 per team.
To Register: email Carol Davis,

Science Olympiad Showcase at the Museum of Natural Sciences, Raleigh.
Date: January 14, 2017
Restrictions: B Division & C Division, maximum 15 teams in each Division. 1 team per school, first come, first served.
Events Schedule updated 12/8/16
Invitiational Director: Kim Gervase
Cost: $30 per team.
This event is now full, but teams are welcome to take part in the extra activities being held for the public in the Museum that day.

All movies being shown that day will be $3 when you mention NCSO, and the Special Exhibit, "The Secret World Inside You" tickets will be $5.

The Museum will be running practice events, reviewing tests, and giving teams a chance to test some devices before their regional tournaments. There will be additional activities available for extra team members or teams who cannot participate in the actual events.

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