NC Science Olympiad
Buies Creek - Campbell University
Tournament Date March 19, 2016
Regional Director(s)
Location Campbell University
Division B
Chatham, Harnett, Johnston, Lee, Southern Wake, Northern Cumberland
Division C
Chatham, Harnett, Johnston, Lee, Moore, Southern Wake, Northern Cumberland
School Registered
Division B Teams:
This Division B tournament has a capacity of 30 teams.
Division C Teams:
This Division C tournament has a capacity of 30 teams.
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April 12, 2016

Hi All, 
Several of you have emailed me about the pictures taken at Campbell's tournament.  It looks like the flyer had an old link on it, but here is the correct one.  I love this idea, you are all spoiled at Buies Creek!


March 20, 2016
Scores Posted

Good morning coaches, 

 I had a great time yesterday and hope that you and your kids did too.  I think we can all agree that Campbell certainly knows how to put on a wonderful tournament!

All Scoresheets from your tournament are attached.  If you see a discrepancy of any kind, please let me know.  All scores become final at 5pm on Wednesday.
After the awards, we realized that 3 teams in DIV B ELG were mistakenly put in to Tier 2.  They are fixed in the attached spreadsheets and after scores are final, we will mail everyone affected new medals.  This has also changed 2nd & 3rd place Varsity trophies.  Again, after scores are final, we will sort out the trophies.
Div B Combined Scores (FPOWS come from this)
Div B Split Scores (Medals and trophies come from this)
Div C Combined Scores (FPOWS come from this)
Div C Split Scores (Medals and trophies come from this)
Moving on to the state tournament - the top 5 schools in each Varsity division will receive a bid to States.  Each school who received a state tournament bid will receive information from me about logistics after scores are final.  If your SCHOOL did not receive a state bid, but you took first place on the combined V & JV scores, you will be invited to States to compete in that event.  I will contact the teams with FPOWS.  For more on our First Place Overall Winners program, please click here.  It will take me a little longer to do that, stay tuned.
If you are not moving on to the state tournament and would like to keep your Olympiad passion going, please consider having your team help mentor an area elementary team.  Their tournaments are a little later in the spring and they would love your expertise!
Kim (
March 04, 2016
Buies Creek Tournament Schedule

Please see the completed schedules for B and C above. I have color coded the buildings. On Monday, I hope to have the map color coded for you as well. Thank you for your patience!!! B Schedule C Schedule

February 22, 2016
Forms for March 19th!

Please see the links below for the Photo Consent Form and the Vandalism and Behavior Form for the March 19th Buies Creek Tournament. We look forward to seeing you all on campus. I hope to have the B and C schedules updated with locations by Friday of this week.

Photo Consent Form Vandalism and Behavior Form

February 15, 2016
Online Rosters

Hello all, 

We are moving to a new scoring program this year and I think that you will really like it.  
The new program does require that you enter your team rosters online this year.  Here is the user manual;  I am your point of contact for any glitches or problems that you find along the way.  
You will not need to turn in a paper roster when you check in for the tournament, but we will still need Photo Consents and Vandalism & Behavior forms signed.
Please try this sooner rather than later in case you do encounter a glitch.  You can log in and edit rosters right up until the morning of the tournament.  
So far, we have found that the system sometimes glitches with the Firefox browser, but works well with Chrome and Safari.  Biggest mistake coaches are making - do NOT register a new account, use the 'forgot your password' link, I have already registered you in the system with this email account.
Good luck!
Kim  ( 
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