NC Science Olympiad
Laurinburg - St. Andrews University
Tournament Date March 01, 2014
Regional Director(s)
Location St. Andrews University
Division B
Anson, Hoke, Montgomery, Moore, Richmond, Robeson, Scotland, Stanley
School Registered
Division B Teams:
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March 05, 2014
Results now Final

There were 2 changes to the scores this week, for Elastic Launch Glider, The O'Neal School's V and JV scores were reversed, which changed medals for the Varsity teams, these will be mailed.  It was discovered that scores were incorectly entered for Wheeled Vehicle.  These have now been fixed and new medals will be mailed to all those who won in the next week.  Congratulations again on a great tournament and good luck to all of you moving on to States!

Final Combined Scores (FPOWS come from here)

Final Split Scores (medals & trophies come from here)

March 01, 2014
Results Posted

Tanks for a great tournament, everyone! Here are the results.  Results will not be final until Wednesday at 5:00pm. If you believe there may be an error (such as you think your Varsity and JV scores might have been switched in an event), the head coach only should contact Kim Gervase,, and we will look into it.  As a reminder, we do not mail medals unless the error was ours.  First Place Overall Winner qualifiers will be contacted after the results are final on Wednesday. For more on how our FPOW Program works, you can see the full policy here.

B Division Varsity and JV combined (FPOWs come from this)

B Division Varsity and JV separate (Medals and trophies were awarded from this)


February 28, 2014

Weather reports for the morning are mixed.  Several reports show the potential for just a bit of sleet or freezing rain along about sunrise.  The decision has been made to delay the start of the Laurinburg Science Olympiad by 1 hour.  The delay of 1 hour should mean that no one needs to leave their school before 7:45 to arrive in Laurinburg for a 10 AM start  If the weatherman is correct temperatures should be above freezing by 7 AM.

 Everything on the schedule will be moved back 1 hour.  Revised schedule reflection new starting times to follow shortly.

February 23, 2014
Event Notes 2-23-14 - We need rosters to prepare participation certificates.

We are now less than a week away. Long range weather forecast looks like it will be clear and cold for the big day.


Request for the second hour on walk-in events were due this past Friday. Here is a list of the request I have on file.



                              Boyd Grayson – O’Neal  

Elastic Launch Glider

Lea Howard – Crain’s Creek

                              Boyd Grayson - O’Neal)

Bottle Rocket

 Lea Howard – Crain’s Creek

Wheel Vehicle

                              Lisa Frye – New Century

                              Boyd Grayson – O’Neal

Sound of Music

                              Lisa Frye – New Century


If you need the second time block and have not submitted your request, please do so by 5PM on Monday, February 24.


If you have not submitted  a copy of your tentative roster, please do so immediately.  My staff needs to get to work on the preparation of the participant certificate for distribution on Saturday.


If you are having problems figuring out eye protection for the various events, check here.  You will find a table listing events requiring safety glasses or goggles and the type required. Yes, I know it is last year’s event table, but the text explains the various types of safety glasses and goggles.




Rooney L. Coffman

Director of Logistics

St. Andrews University

1700 Dogwood Mile

February 17, 2014
Event Locations



North Carolina Science Olympiad

2014 Laurinburg Regional – St. Andrews University

B Division – Middle School




7:30 – 8:45


Avinger Patio

9:00 – 10:00

Crime Busters* NC

John  Blue Lab - South


Elastic Launched Glider



Experimental Design



Metric Mastery

John Blue Lab - Center


Simple Machines

John Blue Lab - North


Water Quality



Wheeled Vehicle

Vardell Lobby

10:15  – 11:15

Disease Detectives

John Blue Lab - North


*Elastic Launched Glider




MJ 109


It Matters

John Blue Lab - South



LA 104


*Wheeled Vehicle

Vardell Lobby


Write It, Do It

Psychology Lab

11:30 – 12:30



12:45 – 1:45


John Blue Lab - North



John Blue Lab - South


Sound of Music

Avinger Auditorium


Bottle Rocket

Avinger Hill


Dynamic Planet

LA 102


Road Scholars

John Blue Lab - North


Solar System

MJ 173

2:00  — 3:00


John Blue Lab - South


*Bottle Rocket

Avinger Hill


Duct Tape Challenge

John Blue Lab - North



LA 104


Rocks and Minerals

John Blue Lab - South


Shock Value

John Blue Lab - Center

4:00 – 5:30

Closing Ceremony

Avinger Auditorium

  • This time slot is available only by written request.  Request must be received 10 days prior to event

  • MJ = Morgan-Jones Science Center   LA = Liberal Arts Building

  •  John Blue Lab is in the Morgan-Jones Science Center

February 17, 2014
Home Bases






Carver Middle School

LA 148


Crain’s Creek Middle School



New Century Middle School

LA 162 (Women’s Resource Center)


The O’Neal School

LA 116


Pope John Paul II Catholic School

MJ 203


Rockingham Middle School

LA 114


Sandy Grove Middle School

MJ 118


Sun Valley Middle School

LA 112


West Hoke Middle School

LA B4    


Teachers and Chaperones Hospitality

 LA 152



MJ 207

February 17, 2014
Olympiad Notes 2-17



Cross your finger and wish for good weather on the March 1.  It will be here almost before we know it.  The countdown has started for the Olympiad.


Attached you will find a list of home base assignments. All of these rooms are near the majority of the Olympiad events. I have also included a list of events with room numbers.  My hope is that no additional adjustments will be made on event locations.


Please send us your list of participants as soon as possible so we can start work on participant certificates.  We will be preparing participant certificates for all the participants. The goal is to have all the certificates ready so you can take them home with you.  We can prepare a limited number of certificates on the 1st to cover last minute additions.


Currently I have only this request for second time blocks:

Elastic Launch Glider – Lea Howard -2nd Session

Bottle Rocket – Lea Howard 2nd Session

If you have any students needing the second period for the designated events please let me know on or before by the February 20.


Don’t forget the collection of forms you need to bring to the Olympiad.


a.      Official Team Roster

b.     Vandalism and Behavior Form

c.      Parental Consent, Release and Liability Waiver for Publication for each of your students.

d.     MISCO parent forms for each student.


Remember wish for good weather on March 1.




Rooney L. Coffman

Director of Logistics

St. Andrews University


February 06, 2014
Home Base

We will be assigning home base rooms for all the teams. This list should be posted next week.

February 06, 2014
Event Notes - Wheeled Vechicle

Wheeled Vechicle will take place in the foyer of the Vardell building. The floor is a standard tile floor.

February 06, 2014
Event Notes - Elastic Launched Glider

The Elastic Launched Glider event will take place in Physical Education Center in the gym used for basketball games.  The ceiling is 29 feet.

January 11, 2014
Pizza List

The Pizza List


Here is a list of the pizza places in Laurinburg which deliver.


Dominos                                              Phone: 910-276-4440

1676b S Main St
Laurinburg, NC 28352 5413

Papa Johns Pizza                               Phone:  (910) 277-1400

1642 S Main St
Laurinburg, NC 28352

Pizza Hut                                           Phone:  (910) 276-1770

1815 S Main St
Laurinburg, NC 28352

The following pizza places do not deliver.


Greek Village Shops                         Phone:  (910) 277.7700

1365 Scotland Crossing Drive

Laurinburg, NC


Little Caesars Pizza                          Phone :  (910) 266-0326

903 US 15 401 Highway Bypass

Laurinburg, NC 910266-0326


Pizza Inn                                            Phone:   (910) 276-6565

1227 S Main St
Laurinburg, NC 28352

January 11, 2014
Vandalism Form - Also avaliable on line

North Carolina Science Olympiad Policy Letter





Various incidents over the past few years have caused the North Carolina Science Olympiad to adopt a very strict vandalism and behavior policy. Schools participating in the B and C Division Regional and State Olympiads must submit a copy of the Vandalism and Behavior Policy signed by both the coach and principal of the school. The signed statement is to be submitted at the time of the on-site registration. Teams not submitting the Vandalism and Behavior Policy will NOT be allowed to compete.



If a team member or members or persons associated with a team commit(s) an act of van-dalism, the team will be disqualified from the competition and will receive no points. No member of that team will be awarded a medal in any event. An individual who commits an act of vandalism will be barred from future competitions.


Each sponsoring school must agree to pay the cost of repairing damage from any act of vandalism or theft. A school must pay this restitution before it can register a team for the North Carolina Science Olympiad in a subsequent year.


Vandalism means a deliberate action that results in damage to property. This includes, but is not limited to, graffiti, damage to facility property and damage to the personal property of competitors, judges and spectators. All trash left by the school should be deposited into large black trash bags and facilities used by teams should be left exactly how they were found.


If the behavior of a school member or members or persons associated with a team is disrespectful to an event leader, a volunteer, a regional director, or state office staff, the team may be disqualified from the competition and receive no points. No member of that team may be awarded a medal in any event. An individual who is disrespectful may be banned from future competitions.


I have read and understand the North Carolina Science Olympiad policy on acceptable behavior including the prohibition of vandalism and discourtesy, and I have discussed this with the team members and persons attending that are associated with the team, and will accept the consequences of violation of the policy as assessed by the North Carolina Science Olympiad officials.




School Name


_________________________________________ _______________


Principal Date


_________________________________________ _______________


Coach Date




Participating students sign on next page. North Carolina Science Olympiad Policy Letter





Student Signature 1




Student Signature 2




Student Signature 3




Student Signature 4




Student Signature 5




Student Signature 6




Student Signature 7




Student Signature 8




Student Signature 9




Student Signature 10




Student Signature 11




Student Signature 12




Student Signature 13




Student Signature 14




Student Signature 15




Student Signature 16




Student Signature 17






January 11, 2014
Welcome Notes

Dear Coach

We want to officially welcome you to the North Carolina Laurinburg Regional Olympiad hosted by St. Andrews University on March 1th.  We are excited about the rapidly approaching event and hope all the preparations with your team(s) are going smoothly.


To help the event run as smoothly as possible we want to make you aware of some things, as well as put additional information in your hands:


1.  In the attachments is a map of St. Andrews along with directions on how to get to campus.  All events for the Olympiad will occur in the Avinger Auditorium (#5) on the campus map, James L. Morgan Liberal Arts Building (#6), Morgan-Jones Science Center (#4), and Physical Education Center (#22).  Included also with the maps is a list of local restaurants that are close and convenient for you lunch planning, plus a list of pizza restaurants.


2.  We have included in the attachments a list of all events and their times. We will post the locations of the events in a few weeks.


3.  Registration will take place on the patio between Avinger Auditorium (#5) and         the Morgan-Jones Science Center (#4).  We will begin Registration at 8:00 a.m.; which your team must complete prior to the start of the first event at 9:00 a.m.  The Closing Ceremony will take place in Avinger Auditorium at 4:00 p.m.


4.  A “Help Station” will be set up in the Morgan-Jones Science Center

(Room MJ 206). It will be manned all day so if any questions arise during the

day, someone will be available there to help you.


5.  The state Science Olympiad site ( also has the Roster Form, Vandalism and Behavior Policy, plus a Parental consent, Release and Liability Waiver Form for Publication.  All three of these forms will be required at registration on the 1st. These forms will also be on the Laurinburg page..


6. We will photograph all medal winners and team trophy winners at the presentation.  If things go well, on Tuesday March 4, you should receive a CD containing the photographs, along with a copy of a press release.  Send the press release to your local newspapers-a call to the newspaper along with a photo or your winners will go a long way in getting a story in the paper.  It is great publicity for everyone involved.  Should your local paper run the story we would appreciate a clipping. We will also be mailing the press release to the local newspapers.  (Just to make sure we get the information to the right newspaper, please email us the name or names of your local papers.).


7.  We would appreciate very much your emailing us a tentative Roster as soon as Possible.  We will be preparing a certificate of participation for each member of your team prior to the event.  Each coach can pick up their team’s set of certificates after1:00 p.m. on the 1th at the “Help Station” Rm. MJ 206.  If you think a student may participate include the name, the certificate can be easily removed should the student fail to participate. If you have last minute additions, please let us know at registration so a certificate may be prepared.


9.        At registration on the 1th you will need the following:

a.      Official Team Roster

b.     Vandalism and Behavior Form

c.      Parental Consent, Release and Liability Waiver for Publication for each of your students.

d.     MISCO parent forms for each student.



Dr. John Knesel and I (Rooney Coffman) are looking forward to seeing each of you at the Olympiad and wish your team the best of luck (and skill).


If you have any questions, Dr. Knesel can be reached at and Rooney Coffman at


The material on this website is property of North Carolina Science Olympiad.