NC Science Olympiad
Mecklenburg - UNC-Charlotte
Tournament Date May 20, 2017
Regional Director(s)
Location UNC-Charlotte
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Division A Teams:
This Division A tournament has a capacity of 66 teams.
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May 21, 2017
Scores posted

Hello everyone!  

I hope that you all had a great time yesterday! I have published the raw scores in Avogadro, so head coaches can log in and see that data.  For everyone else, here are the spreadsheets that we always post.

Separate scores - this is what medals and trophies are awarded from.

Combined Scores - this ranks all varsity and JV teams together and is really for coaches to evaluate their school's performance overall.

If you have any questions about the scores, please have the head coach email Kim (  Scores become final at 5pm on Wednesday.  As a policy, we do not release tests. 

May 01, 2017
Avogadro & forms needed

Hello everyone!

In the next few hours, everyone will receive a google form with permission/photo consent information in it.  Every student on the team must have this form on file to compete!  
I know that Google forms are new to some of you, so I made a tutorial video to help you.  Here is the link:  
If some of your parents don't have internet access, you can use the attached Paper copy, but please limit this unless absolutely necessary.  We have to scan every one of these papers and keep them and with 18,000 students participating this year, its a bit overwhelming and cumbersome.
If you have not tried to log in to Avogadro yet, please do it today!  
Here is the link for Avogadro:
Your login is your first and last name with a space between them - the exact way that you typed it in to the registration form.  Note - this is a change from last year and a change since I made the youtube video earlier this season.  I have attached the user manual to this email, and also made a video to help you get started on this.  PLEASE - do NOT create a new account.  If you do, when you log in, it tells you that you are not associated with a school, and then you have to email me to fix it.
You need to log in and enter your students on the teams now.  I will be going back to enter your even or odd assignment as soon as I receive the list.  You will then be able to print a schedule for each student before the tournament.
You will need to turn in the Vandalism & Behavior form signed by you, your principal, and your students.  1 per team.  Form attached.

Let me know if you get stuck!
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