NC Science Olympiad
Raleigh - Southeast Raleigh Magnet High School
Tournament Date February 04, 2017
Regional Director(s)
Location Southeast Raleigh Magnet High School
Division B
Granville, Vance, Wake, Franklin, Warren
Division C
Granville, Vance, Wake, Franklin, Warren
School Registered
Division B Teams:
This Division B tournament has a capacity of 40 teams.
Division C Teams:
This Division C tournament has a capacity of 30 teams.
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February 05, 2017
Scores Posted

Good morning everyone!  

I hope that you all had a great day yesterday! I have published the scores in avogadro, so head coaches can log in and see that data.  For everyone else, here are the spreadsheets that we always post.

Division B

Separate scores - this is what medals and trophies are awarded from

Combined Scores - this ranks all varsity and JV teams together.  This is the list that we will choose the FPOW candidates from.  If you are not familiar with our FPOW program, please see the policy here.


Division C

Separate scores - this is what medals and trophies are awarded from

Combined Scores - this ranks all varsity and JV teams together.  This is the list that we will choose the FPOW candidates from.  If you are not familiar with our FPOW program, please see the policy here.


If you have any questions about the scores, please have the head coach email Kim (  Scores become final at 5pm on Wednesday.  As a policy, we do not release tests. 

February 02, 2017
Minor Changes-Event Locations


We have made some minor changes to locations for a couple of events.  The Scrambler will move to the Main Gym and the National Ready Event Experimental Design will move to room 307.  Updated schedules are posted below.  Don't forget that you can register your team early on Friday at Southeast Raleigh High School from 3:30-5:30pm.  You must bring your paper copies of the completed Vandalism forms, all of your other forms must be complete in your google doc and your rosters must be complete in Avogadro in order to register.  We will give you your student wristbands which you will need to make sure to bring on Saturday as we will not have any extras.  We are excited for a great tournament on Saturday.  See you then!


Division C/National Ready FINAL SCHEDULE

January 30, 2017
forms forms forms and other stuff

Happy Friday everyone!

Google Forms
SO.  I had this great idea with all of your google forms responses.  I thought I would link them in 1 big spreadsheet so that I could tab across and be able to see all the results in one place.  Brilliant, right?  Except that when I did that, it locked all of you out from being able to review your own responses.  I have now unlinked all of your sheets and everyone should be able to view who has submitted what.  If you click on the 'responses' button, there is a green and white little icon.  That will open them responses in a spreadsheet.  You can sort, delete, etc to check off your lists.  Sorry about that, lesson learned.
 93% of you have sent out that link to parents and have at least some responses.  YOUR KIDS CANNOT PARTICIPATE NEXT SATURDAY IF THE FORM ISN'T FILLED OUT.  THE LEGAL SWAT TEAM WILL DESCEND UPON US AND BLOCK ENTRY.  Please follow up with your parents about it this weekend.
You still need the paper Vandalism & Behavior forms to turn in at registration.

Only 63% of you have entered names into Avogadro.  This must be 100% by Wednesday. The link and the directions are both on the front of the webpage.
Oh Helicopters.  The architectural drawings failed to show that the ceiling is sloped in the media center.  The best spot we have is in one side of the media center and the flat ceiling there is about 20 feet.  Feel free to come early and try it out before competition.
the surface of the tables will be that pebbly white of a folding table.
Send me questions this weekend, I will answer them.

January 25, 2017
Updated Schedules and Home Base Locations


We have made some changes to the locations of a couple of the events.  Please be aware that Hovercraft and Helicopters will both run in the Media Center and that the test for Hovercraft will be taken in room 511 for the Division C event.  Division B will test in a seperate section of the Media Center.  The height of the media center is 12' and we have requested that the HVAC be turned off in that space, although it cannot be guaranteed.  We have also requested that HVAC be turned off in the gym for the Wright Stuff competition.

 Also be aware that some minor changes have been made to the home base locations in an effort to alleviate some of the crowding in the cafeteria.  Please double check both the schedules and the home base locations to make sure that you are communicating the correct information to your students and parents.  Just as a reminder, paper copies of the schedule WILL NOT be available on the day of the event.  It will be your responsibility to make paper copies for your teams/parents.  There will be a couple of poster sized schedules posted in strategic locations for reference during the tournament.  

Thank you to all of the coaches that have recruited parent volunteers.  We are still looking for additional volunteers to support/supervise events, so we would appreciate it if you continue to communicate the opportunity to your parents and school community.  Anyone age 16 and up is eligible to volunteer.  The more volunteers that we get, the smoother things will run!

We are looking forward to a great event on February 4!  

Division B Schedule FINAL

Division C Schedule FINAL

Home Base Locations FINAL

January 24, 2017
Message updated on January 25, 2017
Hovercraft & Helicopters

Both Helicopters and the device testing for Hovercraft will take place in the media center.  We are trying to get a height on the ceiling in there now, but it is about 12 feet high.  Hovercraft will happen on that laminate surface of old school folding tables.


Bottle Rocket C - we have every intention of using the altimeter data to score this event, but in the event that we start collecting this data and it doesn't seem consistent or fair across the board, we will revert to times to determine the winners.

January 18, 2017
T-Minus 17 days

Hi All, 

I will keep this short and sweet, it is T-minus 17 days until competition.  Did anyone else just involuntarily shiver?  I might have...
1.  Google Forms - at this point, you should have shared this with your parents.  This is required for each student on the team.  I shared these forms with you around Dec 31/Jan 1.  If you have no idea what I am talking about, email me and I will send it again.
2.  Avogadro - you have until midnight on Friday to enter the time slot that you prefer for walk-in events.  After that, I will assign you to a time slot.  Saturday morning, I will enter the rest of the events for each team and then you can print schedules.  You do NOT have to have your rosters done yet, just the time slots chosen.  If you have no idea what I am talking about, the directions are linked below.
3.  Vandalism and Behavior form - this is the only piece of paper we want from you.  Everyone on the team needs to sign it, as well as your principal.  
4.  Event resource pages - we are trying to update as often as we can.  There are FAQs on the front page of the website as well.
I look forward to seeing you all soon - 

January 05, 2017
Vandalism & Behavior Form

This form is the one peice of paper we still need from you at check-in.

January 03, 2017
Self-Scheduling is now live

I believe everything is now up and running as it should be.  I have only added self-scheduling to the walk-in events, after the scheduling period closes at midnight on JAN 20, I will go in and add all the other events with the times that you are assigned to already in the even/odd schedule.  This will allow you to print a true schedule for your team and your individual team members.
I have attached the user guide for everyone, it is updated a bit to include the info on self-scheduling.
Please let me know where you are having problems.  The email that you should use to log in is the one that I am sending this email to right now.

October 19, 2016
Message updated on January 11, 2017
Coaches Meeting 12-15-16-Summary and Updates

Coaches Meeting Updates!!

Below is a summary of topics, information and documents provided to all coaches who attended the meeting.  
Please make sure that you review this information closely as there are some changes from the way that things operated last year (particularly the schedule). Please let me know if you have any questions after you have reviewed this information.
This year I have accepted several late entries for schools which has resulted in a tournament with over 85 teams right now.  In order for this tournament to run smoothly and provide the best possible experience for our students, parents and coaches, it is imperative that we get additional volunteers.   I am asking  that each of you do your best to recruit 2-3 additional volunteers per team to assist with events and operations during the tournament.  The sooner that we can get them registered and assigned to a location the better.  Details for volunteering are included on the updates. 
Thank you again for all that you do for your students.  I look forward to an incredible tournament in February!


Coaches Meeting Updates 12-15-16




The assignments for even/odd teams have been made.  You can access your team's assignment here:

Even/Odd Team Assignment Raleigh Regional 2017


Raleigh Regional Tournament Mandatory Coaches Meeting

Raleigh Regional Tournament Coaches,

This year in an effort to improve communication and ensure that everything is set up and ready to go on tournament day, we will be holding a mandatory meeting for coaches on Thursday December 15 from 4:30-5:30pm at Southeast Raleigh High School in the Media Center.  During this time we will review procedures for setting your team up in Avogadro (Scoring System), provide updates and information regarding all of the required paperwork (Never Alone Policy, Photo Release, etc) and post all team homebase locations and final schedules for the tournament.  If the head coach is unable to attend, please select a representative that can attend in your place and bring back all of this important information!  If you have any questions, please contact Raleigh Regional Tournament Director, Kristana Rogers at  We look forward to seeing you there!

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