NC Science Olympiad
Wilmington - UNC - Wilmington
Tournament Date March 05, 2016
Regional Director(s)
Location UNC - Wilmington
Division B
Bladen, Brunswick, Columbus, New Hanover, Pender
Division C
Bladen, Brunswick, Columbus, New Hanover, Pender
School Registered
Division B Teams:
This Division B tournament has a capacity of 40 teams.
Division C Teams:
This Division C tournament has a capacity of 30 teams.
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March 06, 2016
Scores Posted

Good morning coaches, 

 I had a great time at the tournament yesterday and hope that you and your kids did too!

Below are the score sheets for the tournament.  If you see a discrepancy of any kind, please let me know.  All scores become final at 5pm on Wednesday.
Division B Split Scores (medals and trophies come from this)
Division B Combined Scores (FPOWS come from this)
Division C Split Scores (medals and trophies come from this)
Division C Combined Scores (FPOWS come from this)
Moving on to the state tournament - each school who received a state tournament bid will receive information from me about logistics after scores are final.  If your SCHOOL did not receive a state bid, but you took first place on the combined V & JV scores, you will be invited to States to compete in that event.  I will contact the teams with FPOWS.  For more on our First Place Overall Winners program, please click here.  It will take me a little longer to do that, stay tuned.
If you are not moving on to the state tournament and would like to keep your Olympiad passion going, please consider having your team help mentor an area elementary team.  Their tournaments are a little later in the spring and they would love your expertise!
Kim (
March 03, 2016


The attached map shows where parking will be available on Saturday.  The arm in the parking deck will be up all day, so we don't have to worry about paying.  Remember to have your students in Avagadro by 5:00 tomorrow.

See you soon, 


March 01, 2016
Online Rosters due by Friday

Hello All, 

I know that you are all crazily preparing for Saturday's competition, it will be a great day! 
You MUST complete the online registration for your students by Friday at 5pm.  At that point, we need to be able to print rosters for event leaders.  If you are not planning to compete in a certain event, choose 'Not Showing' for that event. Do not use the 'not competing' option.  You can tweak who is in what event all the way until the tournament starts on Saturday morning.
Your students cannot compete on Saturday if you have not done the following 3 things: 
1.  Filled out the online roster on the avogadro website.  Directions attached here.  Biggest mistake coaches are making - do NOT register a new account, use the 'forgot your password' link, I have already registered you in the system with this email account.
2.  Had everyone sign off on the Vandalism & behavior form - attached again here for your convenience
3.  Gotten photo consent forms back from parents - they need to check a line - attached again here.
Some of you emailed me last week and needed help, and I didn't respond because I was helping the 100 teams who were competing on Saturday.  Now it is your turn - respond to this email if you are having trouble and I will help.  Screen shots of where you are getting stuck are really helpful, or just call my cell, listed below, and I will talk you through it!
February 29, 2016
Homebase Assignments


Here are the homebase assignments in Trask.  Keep in mind that each section has anywhere from 60-240 seats, so there should be more than enough room in the sections to spread out.  Please let me know if you have questions.  Also, remind your parents that during the Award Ceremony, the bleachers are reserved for teams and their coaches ONLY.  Parents should sit up top.

See you Friday at Trask from 4-7 for early bird registration!


February 27, 2016
Message updated on February 29, 2016
Post Coaches Meeting Updates


I've posted the updated schedules with rooms. See the schedules on the UNC Wilmington Tournament page.

We had another successful coaches meeting this past Tuesday. I just wanted pass along some important topics of discussion at Tuesday's meeting.

The agenda for those that couldn’t be there is posted. In the future, I’ll try to video these meetings and post online for those that are unable to attend. Please send you vital information document to me via e-mail as well (

Feel free to nominate one student from your school for Science Olympiad recognition (male OR female). This is a leadership award, so ONLY nominate someone that is outstanding! Not every school will have a student that fits this description. See the Woman in Science Award Nomination document.  I need this document no later than Monday night to have a certificate prepared in enough time. See the Top Male Competitor Nomination document.  I need this document no later than Monday night to have a certificate prepared in enough time.

The Wilmington Regional Science Olympiad is held on the first Saturday in March every year. We do regret if the weekend conflicts with other events.

This is the second year we will have the competition at Trask Coliseum. We are excited and we have made some changes (behind the scenes) to keep teams moving quickly. Last year was a challenge because it was all new for us. Keep your fingers crossed and let’s hope we don’t have any delays. If we do, we just have to be patient.

As your director, I will NOT tolerate any negative comments from parents, coaches or students to our event leaders. I will NOT hesitate to DQ entire teams for poor behavior and/or derogatory remarks. We rarely have problems…so thank you for what you do on your end. Thanks for working with us and understanding!

Reference your schedule for Impound! All the impounding events are addressed there. We will open impound at 7:30AM and keep it open until 8:15AM. We will impound again at 11:30AM and keep it open until 12:00 noon. Please be patient, and ask the students to be polite when checking into their products into the event area. No wristbands required.

If you are a new coach and are in need of some direction for Saturday, please contact Katie or Dennis with any questions. We want you all to feel welcome.

I will let you know about parking as soon as I hear back from our folks on campus.  See the UNCW campus map for directions:

The Science Olympiad FAQ document has been uploaded!  It has lots of helpful information there.

As soon as we know how many teams qualify for states, I will let you know. This is determined by the number of schools competing and not the number of teams according to Kim Gervase, our state representative.

I love my Wilmington Region! That’s a credit to everyone involved. Thanks for all that you do!

Dennis and Katie

February 22, 2016
Message updated on February 23, 2016
Reminder: Wilmington Regional Science Olympiad Coaches Meeting is Tuesday, February 23rd at 4:45 PM – 5:45

Hey all,

Reminder: Wilmington Regional Science Olympiad Coaches Meeting is tomorrow, late afternoon (Tuesday, February 23rd) at 4:45 PM – 5:45 on UNCW’s campus in the Watson College of Education, Room 162. See the campus map here:

Please park in the Parking Garage directly across the street from the College of Education. During the meeting I will hand out validation tickets and you can use those at the exit gate to get out of the deck without paying. We have the room reserved beginning at 5:00 PM, so if you are running a bit late have no worries. I promise to get everyone out of the building by 5:45.

Please be sure to check all of our Regional updates posted on our NCSO regional Wilmington page (

FAQ Coaches Meeting

Top Male Leadership Certificate

WISE Leadership Certificate

Coaches Vital Information Sheet



February 16, 2016
Coaches Meeting - Next Tuesday, February 23rd

Hello Science Olympiad Coaches,

Katie Martin and I are looking forward to hosting the 2016 Wilmington Regional Science Olympiad at UNCW on Saturday, March 5th. While there are always obstacles preparing for a successful Olympiad, we can't convey enough our appreciation for our coaches' efforts every year.  We know your students are working very hard to get ready for this special academic competition.

I am proposing to hold the coaches meeting next Tuesday afternoonFebruary 23rd at 4:45 PM – 5:45. I understand that this day and time will not work for everyone. I’m willing to plan and hold a second meeting as necessary. The meeting site is to be determined. All competing schools are asked to have a representative if and where possible.

UNCW Maps and Directions can be found here:

Katie and I are working to get event leaders and helpers lined up for all events at the regional Olympiad. There are 46 total (B and C) events! Do you know someone who has a career in science? Ask them to participate! We have found that coaches’ family and friends, some parents, and school teachers (who have always been at these competitions anyway) enjoy the chance to see the events "in action." 

If you have people interested in supporting the running of an event, please send them to the web site: ( and have each complete the simple volunteer process.  We could always use the help!

Please remember: you can contact me with any questions/concerns about events, logistics, etc at  I would prefer a text or an email, but if there is something that requires a conversation, don’t hesitate to call/text me on my cell: (910) 409-7436.

Again, we appreciate all your hard work as we prepare for another season, and we look forward to seeing as many people as possible at 4:45 PM this coming Tuesday, February 24th.



February 15, 2016
Online Rosters

Hello all, 

We are moving to a new scoring program this year and I think that you will really like it.  
The new program does require that you enter your team rosters online this year.  Here is the user manual;  I am your point of contact for any glitches or problems that you find along the way.  
You will not need to turn in a paper roster when you check in for the tournament, but we will still need Photo Consents and Vandalism & Behavior forms signed.
Please try this sooner rather than later in case you do encounter a glitch.  You can log in and edit rosters right up until the morning of the tournament.  
So far, we have found that the system sometimes glitches with the Firefox browser, but works well with Chrome and Safari.  Biggest mistake coaches are making - do NOT register a new account, use the 'forgot your password' link, I have already registered you in the system with this email account.
Good luck!
Kim  ( 
February 03, 2016
Welcome to the 2016 Wilmington Regional Tournament Information Page

Dear Wilmington Regional B/C Olympiad Coaches,

I hope everyone is having a great Spring Semester! I know the state Science Olympiad office is earnestly preparing for the each 2016 Regional Science Olympiad, and we are looking forward to hosting our Wilmington regional tournament next month.

The Wilmington regional tournament date is set for Saturday, March 5th, 2016 (the first Saturday in March).  We will be both home basing teams and having the awards ceremony in Trask Coliseum this year.  If there are any changes to the schedule, you all will be the first to know!

I attended the Regional Directors Meeting in December at NC State’s Science House.  We had many discussions about events, schedules, funding and participation. I can share more information as needed. The North Carolina B/C (middle, high school) events have been posted and the UNC Wilmington Regional B/C Schedule is posted. They are the same schedules. The Wilmington Region will make every possible effort to exactly mimic the state schedule. The B/C event resources for 2016 is posted here:

Looking forward to working with everyone this year!


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