NC Science Olympiad
Wilmington - UNC - Wilmington
Tournament Date March 04, 2017
Regional Director(s)
Location UNC - Wilmington
Division B
Bladen, Brunswick, Columbus, New Hanover, Pender
Division C
Bladen, Brunswick, Columbus, New Hanover, Pender
School Registered
Division B Teams:
This Division B tournament has a capacity of 40 teams.
Division C Teams:
This Division C tournament has a capacity of 30 teams.
Important Links Regional Tournament Policies
March 10, 2017
Scores now final

Hello All, 

After the tournament on Saturday, we realized that 2 errors were made in scoring that needed to be fixed.

Div B Rocks & Minerals had 1 incorrect test score recorded. This affected the JV medals.  We will send new medals to all who did better than announced at the awards ceremony.
Div C Electric Vehicle scores got offset in the middle of the page by 1 school, so this changed most of the medals in this event.  We will send new medals to all who did better than announced at the awards ceremony.
Neither of these changes affected trophies.
Final Scoresheets are now attached.  
Remember that head coaches can log in to Avogadro and see their team's raw scores as well as graphs of how their team did in comparision to others.
As a reminder - if your SCHOOL did not receive a state bid, but you took First Place in COMBINED scores, you will be invited to States to compete in that event.  The State tournament link is now live with lots of information and I will get the team winners and FPOWS added to that list in the next few days.
I hope that everyone had a great time last Saturday and we look forward to seeing you all again next year!
March 05, 2017
Scores Posted

Hello everyone!  

I hope that you all had a great day yesterday! I have published the raw scores in avogadro, so head coaches can log in and see that data.  For everyone else, here are the spreadsheets that we always post.

Division B

Separate scores - this is what medals and trophies are awarded from

Combined Scores - this ranks all varsity and JV teams together.  This is the list that we will choose the FPOW candidates from.  If your SCHOOL did not receive a state bid, but you took First Place in COMBINED scores, you will be invited to States to compete in that event.  please see the policy here.


Division C

Separate scores - this is what medals and trophies are awarded from

Combined Scores - this ranks all varsity and JV teams together.  This is the list that we will choose the FPOW candidates from.  If your SCHOOL did not receive a state bid, but you took First Place in COMBINED scores, you will be invited to States to compete in that event. , please see the policy here.


If you have any questions about the scores, please have the head coach email Kim (  Scores become final at 5pm on Wednesday.  As a policy, we do not release tests. 

March 03, 2017
Last Minute Notes

Hello Coaches, 

Tomorrow's the day!  In an effort to be sure we can effectively communicate tomorrow, I've set up a Remind 101.  Because I'm not sure if all the numbers we have a cell numbers, you'll need to enter my group on your own.  Please follow the directions below to do this.  All you have to do is send one text to the number below w/the message @ncsoco.

Text the message @ncsoco to the number 81010.

This will enable me to send out blasts to your cell phones in case there are any updates throughout the day.  You won't be able to reply "all", but you will be able to reply only to me through this service.  I would appreciate it if you'd do this today.

Finally, I'll be set up for registration tonight in Trask from 4-6 in the lobby.  Be sure that your rosters are complete and the google form w/consent is complete for each student. They will not be able to participate tomorrow if this is not complete.  Wristbands will be available which will expedite everything for tomorrow.  We will also have registration from 7:30 - 8:30 in Trask Lobby on Saturday morning. There are adjacent lots to park.

Let me know what questions you have and I look forward to seeing you soon!


February 27, 2017
Impound Events


The follwing impound rules apply for the Wilmington Regional Competition.

Division B will impound Hoovercraft and Scrambler at 11:30 - 12:15. PLEASE be patient as the event leaders may still be finishing up grading student competitions prior to impound. That is, impound may begin late if our event leaders aren't yet complete with the morning events. Students are to bring their Wind Power Blades to the event with them. Mission Possible doesn not impound at regionals ( There will be NO Impound for Food Science (

Division C will impound Hoovercraft and Electric Vehicle at 7:30 - 8:15. PLEASE be patient as the event leaders may still be arriving to Trask Coliseum in the morning. Students are to bring their Wind Power Blades to the event with them.



February 27, 2017
Monday updates

Hi All, 

First - Action Items Checklist: 
 - have you sent the google form out to your parents either virtually (preferred) or in paper form and are you bugging those who haven't turned it in yet?
 - have you entered your students and their events in to Avogadro?
- Have you had everyone, including your principal, sign the Vandalism & Behavior form?
I have gone in and loaded all the other events in to Avogadro so that when you enter your students into events, their schedule will auto-populate under the scheduling  tab and you can print it for them and you.  Please let me know if there is a typo in this schedule, I have to hand enter all 46 events for each team in every tournament, so if I have accidentally scheduled you in the wrong time block, please let me know.  
There are many of you who did not choose a period for your walk-in events by the deadline, so now you have to email me with what period your students are coming.  
If you are having trouble, email me!  It is really helpful if you tell me your school name and tournament where you are competing, it saves me having to log in to our database to find you before I fix your problem.


Kim ( 

February 24, 2017
Food Options


PT’s Olde Fashioned Grille and Dub’s Donuts will have food trucks at SO on Saturday March 4. They will be located around Trask Coliseum.

Dub’s Donuts is scheduled to arrive by 8am and P.T.'s Grille around 11 – 11:30am for the lunch crowd.  

The guy who is running the truck has a fantastic idea. He said if coaches want to preorder food for their team and provide a specific time when it will be picked up, they will have the food all ready to go so the coaches can walk up, pay, and pick-up the food to take to their team. 

PT’s did a great job at Science Fair and SeaPerch and they are really looking forward to working with us at Science Olympiad.  If you want to contact the PT guy his email is


February 22, 2017

The Wilmington Regional Science Olympiad will be televised locally on TWC Channel 5 and Charter Cable 191.

The New Hanover County Schools Channel is also streaming the event and everyone can watch in other counties on this site:

February 22, 2017
Homebase Locations and Maps

Hello All, 

The homebases in Trask have been assigned.  Please let me know should you see any errors.  Also, the building maps with event classroom locations are complete.  This will come in handy for each of your students and parents, etc. the day of the competition.  Don't forget that there are 2 for B division (even and odd).  

Let me know if you have any questions, more info to come!



February 20, 2017
Coaches Meeting Information


I'm posting the updated UNCW room schedules on Wednesday. See the schedules on the UNC Wilmington Tournament page.

We had another successful coaches meeting earlier this month. I just wanted pass along some important topics of discussion at Tuesday's meeting.

The agenda for those that couldn’t be there is posted. If you haven’t already done so, please send you vital information document to me via e-mail as well (

Feel free to nominate one student from your school for Science Olympiad recognition (male OR female). This is a leadership award, so ONLY nominate someone that is outstanding! Not every school will have a student that fits this description.

  • See the Woman in Science Award Nomination document.  I need this document no later than next Monday night to have a certificate prepared in enough time.
  • See the Top Male Competitor Nomination document.  I need this document no later than next Monday night to have a certificate prepared in enough time.

The Wilmington Regional Science Olympiad is held on the first Saturday in March every year. We do regret if the weekend conflicts with other events.

This is the third year we will have the competition at Trask Coliseum. We are excited and we have made some changes (behind the scenes) to keep teams moving quickly. Last year was a challenge because it was all new for us. Keep your fingers crossed and let’s hope we don’t have any delays. If we do, we just have to be patient.

As your director, I will NOT tolerate any negative comments from parents, coaches or students to our event leaders. I will NOT hesitate to DQ entire teams for poor behavior and/or derogatory remarks. We rarely have problems…so thank you all for what you do on your end. Thanks for working with us and understanding!

Reference your schedule for Impound! All the impounding events are addressed there. We will open impound at 7:30AM and keep it open until 8:15AM. We will impound again at 11:30AM and keep it open until 12:00 noon.  Please be patient, and ask the students to be polite when checking into their products into the event area. No wristbands required.

If you are a new coach and are in need of some direction for Saturday, please contact Katie or Dennis with any questions. We want you all to feel welcome.

I will let you know about parking as soon as I hear back from our folks on campus.  See the UNCW campus map for directions:

The Science Olympiad FAQ document has been uploaded!  It has lots of helpful information there.

As soon as we know how many teams qualify for states, I will let you know. This is determined by the number of schools competing and not the number of teams according to Kim Gervase, our state representative.

I love my Wilmington Region! That’s a credit to everyone involved. Thanks for all that you do!

Dennis and Katie

Coaches Meeting Agenda

Coaches Meeting FAQ

Top Male Competitor

Woman Science Award

Vital Information Sheet

February 15, 2017
Avogadro & forms

Hello everyone!

At this point, everyone should have received a google form with permission/photo consent information in it.  Every student on the team must have this form on file to compete! 
I know that Google forms are new to some of you, so I made a tutorial video to help you.  Here is the link:
If some of your parents don't have internet access, you can use the attached Paper copy, but please limit this unless absolutely necessary.  We have to scan every one of these papers and keep them and with 18,000 students participating this year, its a bit overwhelming and cumbersome.
If you have not tried to log in to Avogadro yet, please do it today!  Your login is your email address (where I am sending this email).  I have attached the user manual to this email, and also made a video to help you get started on this.  
Here is the link to Avogadro:
You need to log in and self-schedule in to the walk-in events now - this opens at 6am on Feb 15 and closes at midnight on Feb 22.  Your team members do not have to be filled out to do this part.  We also REALLY need you to let us know now if you are sure you won't have a team for certain events.    Please click 'not showing' in any event that your team is not participating in.
You will need to turn in the Vandalism & Behavior form signed by you, your principal, and your students.  1 per team.  Form Here.
Div C Updates

Bottle Rockets - after trying out the new rules and altimeters at Raleigh, we are making a few clarifications to the rules.  These will go up on the event resource page, but I wanted to highlight that all rockets will be shot at 60psi everywhere for every tournament.  Also, the altimeter is in a 2" styrofoam ball.  This must go inside your rocket nose cone somewhere.  Pictures to follow on the event resource page.  
Amazing Mechatronics - we need students to bring their aurduinos and pieces with them, we won't have enough to supply to everyone.
Let me know what questions you have!

February 03, 2017
Vandalism Form

Hello Coaches, 

Here is the vandalism form that you will bring to the tournament registration.  Remember, this is the only print form we will collect this year.



February 01, 2017
Reminder: Regional Coaches Meeting - Thursday, February 2nd at 4:30 - 5:30

Hey all,

Reminder: the Regional Coaches Meeting is tomorrow (Thursday) afternoon in the Watson College of Education from 4:30 - 5:30 in room 306. We will be on the third floor and is the same room we used last year (I think). Please park in the parking garage across the street from the College of Education. The parking passes are being emailed to everyone. And, for those that forget to print them, I will have a few available with me. 

"Attached are the parking passes for tomorrow’s meeting. Please email the attachments to all your participants and they should be able to print out a copy before their arrival. The pass is for the parking deck located across the street from the education building. Please have your guests pull in on the right side of the deck entrance (left side has the gate) and they can park in any of the available visitor spots on the first level. I would ask that they put the parking pass in the driver’s side of their windshield so they do not get ticketed. Also, I have printed out a number of copies and can assist with handing them out tomorrow afternoon if needed. "

UNCW Maps and Directions can be found here:

Katie and I are working to get event leaders and helpers lined up for all events at the regional Olympiad. There are 46 total (B and C) events! Do you know someone who has a career in science? Ask them to participate! We have found that coaches’ family and friends, some parents, and school teachers (who have always been at these competitions anyway) enjoy the chance to see the events "in action." 

If you have people interested in supporting the running of an event, please send them to the web site: ( and have each complete the simple volunteer process.  We could always use the help!

Please remember: you can contact me with any questions/concerns about events, logistics, etc at  I would prefer a text or an email, but if there is something that requires a conversation, don’t hesitate to call/text me on my cell: (910) 409-7436.

Again, we appreciate all your hard work as we prepare for another season, and we look forward to seeing as many people as possible at 4:30 PM tomorrow afternoon.


Dennis and Katie

January 18, 2017
Science Olympiad Coaches Meeting


Just another Science Olympiad announcement: The Wilmington Regional Science Olympiad Coaches meeting will be held on Thursday, February 2nd at 4:30 – 5:30 PM on UNCW’s campus. We are earlier this year for a variety of different reasons. I haven’t determined a campus room yet, but when I do, I will let you all know. Please be sure that you are able to attend this very important meeting. Or, if you can’t attend the meeting, try to send someone in your place.

Lastly, with our region applying a Division B middle school split schedule, we are in need of MORE volunteers to pull this off! So, I’m going to ask that every school team provide an event support volunteer (parent, teacher, graduated student). So…if your school has registered two teams, I’ll need two volunteers from your school to help support our events. This year is going to be human resource intensive, so our region needs that volunteer support. I’ll share more at the coaches meeting in two weeks.

Please remember that we are all volunteers! ;>) No one is being paid to prepare and integrate this ‘ginormous’ day. We just roll up our sleeves, get to work and make ‘geeking out’ happen.

Thanks for everything you all do for the kids!


January 18, 2017
January Updates

Welcome Back!

I hope each of you had a great fall semester and that your 2017 school year is off to a great start. As your regional co-directors, Katie Martin and I wanted to touch base with you all on a few topics as we begin preparations for the 2017 Wilmington Regional Science Olympiad. As posted, the Wilmington Regional Science Olympiad is Saturday, March 4th this year. Can you believe we are less than 2 months away from that day?!

Wilmington Regional Olympiad Tournament Home Office

The Wilmington Regional Tournament Home Office will continue to be housed here on UNCW’s campus. As the Past Director for UNCW’s Center for Education in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (CESTEM), the center will continue to support Olympiad under its auspices. While I’m not as active as I should be on social media, please do friend the Wilmington Regional Science Olympiad on Facebook…just search by the name. I’ll try to post more often as we get closer to the big day.

State Office

The state office is very fortunate to continue to be lead by Kim Gervase as our North Carolina Science Olympiad Executive Director. Kim’s responsibilities include preparing each of the 46 events for Divisions B/C at our regionals, the state competition and pursuing funding opportunities across the state to support our tournaments. 

Split Schedule – Middle School

Division B (middle school) will run a split schedule this year. This means that some schools will follow and even schedule and some schools will follow an odd schedule. Based upon the 41 registered teams and 26 associated schools, it seems easiest to split the teams alphabetically.

  • Even Schedule – Burgaw Middle School thru Murray Middle School (A – Mu)
  • Odd Schedule – Myrtle Grove Christian thru Wilmington Academy of Arts and Sciences (My – Z)

Why are we running a split schedule? This accommodation allows for your co-directors and event leaders to maximize the physical rooms that we need to reserve for such a large event. It isn’t feasible to plan for 82 possible students per an event time anymore. Our event leaders and our facilities are strained.

Will this impact my preparation for Saturday, March 4th? Absolutely not! Remember that walk in events take place either in the morning (8:30 – 11:15) or in the afternoon (12:15 – 3:00).

Division C (high school) will run the traditional schedule this year.

Schedule for Wilmington

Both Division's B (middle school) and C (high school) schedules have been approved. There are no changes to the regional division competition schedules from the state schedule competition. I will post room numbers and more specifics as we get closer to the competition date (about three weeks out). We make every effort to stay consistent for the benefit of teams traveling and competing at the state level. While consistency is what we strive for, it does add a level of increased difficulty at the regional level. We have been very fortunate in years past to get enough volunteers with academic content knowledge to lead each event.

Increased Numbers of Participating Teams

Kim, Katie and I LOVE seeing Science Olympiad extended to so many new students in our greater Wilmington regional areas! While this is great news, it does put added stress on the region to schedule and accommodate everyone. The consequence: we have increased our numbers from years past and had to close our region to new competitors. We continue to pursue solutions at UNCW to make sure all of you are comfortable with your “homebase” at Trask Coliseum. We see this as a good problem to have!

Good Luck

I am always open to suggestions, questions, etc to continually improve the Wilmington Regional tournament for you and your Olympians.

Best wishes as you prepare!

Dennis S. Kubasko, Jr. and Katie Martin

December 08, 2016
Introduction - 2017 Wilmington Regional Competition

Greetings Wilmington Regional B/C Olympiad Coaches,

I hope everyone is having a great Fall Semester! I know the state Science Olympiad office is earnestly preparing for each 2017 Regional Science Olympiad competition, and we are looking ahead to our Wilmington regional tournament in the Spring.

The Wilmington Regional tournament date is set for Saturday, March 4th, 2017 (the first Saturday in March).  We will be home basing teams and having the awards ceremony in Trask Coliseum this year.  If there are any changes to the state schedule, you all will be the first to know!

I am currently attending the Regional Directors Meeting today (December 8th) at NC State’s Science House.  We are having many discussions about events, schedules, funding and participation. I can share more information as needed. The North Carolina B and C (middle, high school) events have been posted, and the UNC Wilmington Regional B and C Schedules are posted. They are the SAME schedules as the state recommendations. We are running a split schedule this year at the middle school division. The Wilmington Region makes every possible effort to exactly mimic the state schedule. The B/C event resources for 2016 is posted here:

Looking forward to working with everyone this year!


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