NC Science Olympiad
Rock Star 2017
Division: A- Elementary School
NC Essential Standards Alignment: 3.E. 2, 4.P.2
Event Rules: Rock Star

Description: This event is usually done as stations that teams rotate through. It can also be done as an individual test taking event, where each station has been copied into a test for the team.  Teams may be viewing any combination of samples, pictures, or recorded/written descriptions. They will then be asked to answer questions (multiple choice, fill in the blank, short answer, generating graphs or charts, etc) about the sample, including identification, classification by properties, origin, uses and importance. Teams may be asked multiple questions at each station.

Materials: Teams MUST bring a writing instrument. Teams may also bring 1-1" three ring binder of notes.

Event Leaders will provide any specimens/materials required to complete the stations, the official test and answer sheet.

Scoring: High score wins. Predetermined questions will be used to break ties.

Common Mistakes:


  • -Create a notebook to study from. Have one page for each rock or mineral on the Official List.

Event Resources:
2014 Coaches Institute Presentation
2012 Coaches Institute Sample Tests
Study Guide Template (2010 rules)
Sample Event Stations (2010 rules)
The Rock Cycle - an introduction
FOSSweb - Rocks
University of Missouri eThemes - Classroom activities for Rocks and Minerals
40 Common Minerals GREAT resource
Mineral Information Institute (Great website with lesson plans, student help, information, pictures, and more)
University of Texas Geology (introduction and explanation of mineral properties)
Mineralogy Database
Helpful Quizzes
Request a NC Rock & Mineral Kit
Geologic Maps
Rocks for Kids
NASA - Rocking the Rock Cycle
Chocolate Rock Cycle Lab
See the event help page for the Middle and High School version of this event

2017 North Carolina Rocks and Minerals List:

Basalt Gneiss Marble Pumice Scoria
Bituminous Coal Granite Obsidian Quartzite Shale
Conglomerate Limestone (fossil) Phyllite Sandstone Slate
Calcite Fluorite Gypsum Mica - Biotite Kaolinite
Copper Galena Halite Olivine Quartz (crystal)
Feldspar (pink) Graphite Hematite Pyrite Talc

Pictures and Video:



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