NC Science Olympiad
Super Sleuths 2017
Division: A- Elementary
NC Standard Course of Study Alignment: 3.P.2, 4.P.2, Science as Inquiry
Event Rules: Super Sleuths

Note: the event leader will be providing the chromatography paper to match the samples run in advance from the crime scene.

Description: Given a scenario and a list of possible suspects, teams will perform a series of physical and chemical tests. These test results, along with other evidence, will be used to solve a crime and identify the suspect. The 2017 topics are powders, fingerprints, and toolmarks.

Materials: Teams must bring something to write with and safety goggles. Teams may also bring a tool kit with the following items:

1. Spot plates, paper cups, or any containers in which teams can perform the tests
2. Droppers, popsicle sticks, spatulas, plastic spoons, tongs, and/or forceps for handling materials
3. pH test strips or paper,
4. A ruler,
5. A wash bottle or dropper bottle of distilled water,
6. Hand lenses or loupes,
7. Paper towels,
8. A disposable cup for solid waste,
9. Writing instruments,
10. Safety gear. The event supervisor will inspect kits and confiscate any non-allowed items.

Recommendations: The biggest problem elementary teams have is time management. Be prepared to divide and conqueur parts of the test, or you may not get done.

High Score wins. Points will be assigned as follows: Chemical evidence 50%, physical evidence 30%, analysis of the crime 20%. Ties will be broken based on best score in the chemical evidence section.

Event Resources: *Note: we continue to add to these links as topics rotate each year. You only need to worry about the info for the current year's topics**
2016 Coaches Institute Handout (2017 Rules)
2015 Coaches Institute Handout (2016 Rules)
Powder Analysis Chart - blank

General sites on Forensics
Forensic checklist of links, activities, and notes
Zeno’s Forensic site with links to real world stuff
Forensics in the Classroom—activites!
Links to forensic activities for students

Polymers and Fibers:
Microscopic Images of Fibers—search for the types of fibers and select the kind of microscopic technique for the image you want.
Hair analysis—FBI
Animal Hair Images
Fiber analysis—FBI
Sample fiber identification flow chart

Intro to Chromatography
How To Do Paper Chromatography with students

Shoe and Tire Prints
Techniques for collecting evidence of shoe and tire prints
Lab activity on shoe and tire prints

Fingerprints-general information
Intro to Glass - Dr. Binishi Forensic Science Pages
Soil handout from Institute
Kids Zone - Forensics
2014 Coaches Institute Handout (2015 Rules- powders, soil, shoeprints, tire tracks)
2013 Institute Handout (2014 rules- powders, fingerprints, glass)

Picture and Video:

Video: Performing powder tests in the Forensics event. The process here is the same as in the Super Sleuths event.
More powder tests. Always write down everything!
The divide and conquer approach. One teammate works on powder identification (note the proper use of wafting to identify smells) while the other teammate works on the fingerprint IDs.




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