NC Science Olympiad
2017 Chemistry Lab
Division: C - High School
Essential Standards Alignment: Chm.1.3, Chm.2.2
Official Event Rules: See National rulebook
National Event Page: Chemistry Lab
Required Materials: Splash goggles, lab coat or chemical apron with long sleeve shirt, covered legs, closed toed shoes, long hair tied back, and something to write with


Description: This event is a lab event typically done as stations that teams rotate through, it can also be done as a sit down test if there are enough materials for everyone to have a complete set. Teams will need to be aware of and follow all chemistry lab safety procedures. Teams will be presented with a series of questions and tasks that they must complete. These may include but are not limited to: interpreting written data/graphs, collecting data, making calculations, etc. The topic for the 2017 tournament year is gases and thermodynamics.

Materials: Teams MUST bring safety gear and a writing instrument, they may also bring two non-photo capable calculator, and five 8.5"x11" sheets of paper with information in any form from any source. Participants may also bring gloves.

***SAFETY ISSUE*** In addition to OSHA approved chemical splash goggles, teams also MUST wear closed toed shoes, clothes that cover the student from neck to wrist and ankles, AND a chemical apron with a long sleeved shirt or lab coat that reaches below the knee , and long hair must be tied back or they will not be allowed to participate. In addition, any teams seen handling materials in an unsafe manner will be disqualified from the event. ***SAFETY ISSUE***

Event Leaders will provide a proper lab environment, any materials/glassware appropriate for the questions asked, a periodic table, and any constants needed.

Scoring: High score wins. Points are awarded for accuracy and proper technique. 50% will come from thermodynamics, 50% will come from gases. Predetermined questions will be used to break ties.

Common Mistakes:
Be sure to wear the appropriate safety attire!!! Disqualification as a result of a safety issue will NOT be arbitrated.

Event Resources:
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Pictures and Video:

Video How to do an acid base titration.
Using Oxidation/Reduction to write in chemicals with electricity


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